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How to Buy a Potawatomi Casino Milwaukee Bingo Calendar

potawatomi casino milwaukee bingo calendar

How to Buy a Potawatomi Casino Milwaukee Bingo Calendar

Every December, the Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee hosts the Potawatomi Bingo Calendar for the month of December. The calendar is a one-of-a-kind event that allows guests to celebrate this wonderful tradition in their community. There are two ways that people can get the latest edition of the calendar – they can get it online, or they can pick it up at the casino and receive a freebie as a way of saying thank you.

People who live and work within the area near the casino will find out about the event weeks before it takes place. The Potawatomi Bingo Calendar is designed to be printed on thick card stock, so it will not fade with the passing years. It features the traditional games such as the Slots, the Texas Holdem Poker, and the Omaha Hi/Lo and also includes a special page for bingo. Each day, a different Bingo card is featured and anyone looking forward to getting their hands on the cards will have to go online and look for the right time to order the card to go with the game.

When it comes to purchasing the calendar, people can find a wide variety of different prices. People can often save money by ordering their calendar online, especially if they know that they won’t need it until February. This is because the printing process requires them to order several hundred thousand cards in order to get the entire month of December right. Therefore, it means that their costs are reduced and they will get the item delivered at their door without any additional costs.

Those who want to get the poker card will also have to order their calendar online. There is no need to wait until the last minute to make this purchase as many dealers have websites. However, if someone does plan to make the purchase online they should note that the card prices may be slightly higher than the brick and mortar stores. Because there is a greater chance that people may find themselves playing in the casino in the future, the card prices are also going to be a little bit higher.

Anyone who plans to play in the casino each year should make sure that they get their hands on the Monthly Bingo Calendar so that they will always know which days the next card will be featured. This way they will have a reference to the number on the card each day. They will know exactly what day is right for them to get their card to go with the game they want to play.

The Potawatomi Casino will hold an auction of the Calendar at the end of the month. This will attract customers to bid on the card they want to have printed as well as the Bingo cards that are going to be used during the month. As an added bonus, they will be able to win something as a result of their winning bid.

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